"Black & STEAM: Illustrating Histories to Build Futures"

Announcing:  CBSN Regional Nodes

The goal of the CBSN Regional Node Program is to provide local connections, support regional programming, and provide opportunities for in-person or hybrid events.

Nodes will be supported by the network’s national office. Activities will be aligned with the broad vision and mission of the CBSN, and responsive to the needs and aspirations of node members. 

Find out more about the nodes below or express interest in creating a node in your region!


Science Fair poster being held up by two smiling people in front of a bright yellow background

Future scientists in grades 7 – 12 presented their work at the 2023 CBSN-Youth Science Fair. Three talented young people were chosen to represented CBSN at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Noah, Joy & Munir! We are so proud of your outstanding work!

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