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Are you a Black-identifying Canadian pursuing a career path in STEMM? 

Are you seeking community, support, and access to opportunities for professional development, career growth, networking and mentorship?  

Do you sometimes feel isolated as ‘the lonely only’ in your home institution, corporation, department or division?  

If so, join our nation-wide network to connect with others who share a common goal of elevating and connecting Black STEMM Canadians, while also increasing the flow of Black youth into STEMM-related learning opportunities and career paths.

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Who are our Allies?

Allies are leaders who affirm their commitment to actively supporting, promoting, and enabling structural change to ensure the development, recruitment, and success of Black STEMM researchers within their organizations. Allies are nominated by members of the network and confirmed by the steering committee.

Are you a leader engaged in actions to increase the inclusion of Black Canadians in STEMM fields? 

Are you looking for additional opportunities for anti-racist actions by connecting with a national, Black-led organization? 

If so, connect with our Lead Ally to  learn how to connect with us.

Are you a member who wishes to nominate a leader as an Ally?

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Mentorship Program

The CBSN Mentorship Program aims to connect members to mentors/mentees/peers who can relate to the experiences of Black-identifying individuals possessing or pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM), whether living in Canada or abroad. Through this program, we hope to facilitate the development of supportive relationships that will contribute to the growth and professional development of Black STEMM professionals in Canada.

The Network is currently working with external partners to develop mentorship programs that will link members to undergraduate and high school students. Pilot programs are in progress, watch this space for more information! 

If you are the organizer of a community, outreach, or enrichment program that supports Black-identifying undergraduate or high school students in STEMM, contact us to discuss possible partnerships.


Mentors have the opportunity to use their skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to contribute to the growth of the CBSN community by developing a relationship with a mentee.

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Mentees enter a relationship with an experienced mentor with whom they can share challenges, strengths, and goals, and seek counsel on their career path, work-life balance, and other issues.  A single mentor will rarely fulfill all the needs of a mentee. the CBSN program is one component of creating a supportive mentorship network to fulfill various mentorship needs.

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Peer-to-peer connections are established between members at similar places in their career path. Peer-to-peer relationships may be particularly valuable for sharing experiences and insights among members who are seeking to build a supportive cohort outside their home organization.

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Get Involved

The CBSN is pursuing a range of programs that align with our core Values and Mission. We are a volunteer organization with a strong foundation and ambitious aspirations. We will flourish and continue to grow with the support of Canadians across communities. 

There are many ways to get involved and support the inclusion of Black Canadians in STEMM through CBSN activities.

Choose a link below to learn more:

Black-in-STEMM research project

A new Black-in-STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) research project has been launched by Lead Ally and NSERC Chair for Women in Science & Engineering Tamara Franz-Odendaal, together with Co-PI Jennifer D. Adams (again!)
and collaborators from the CBSN steering committee (Juliet Daniel, Loydie Jerome-Majewska and
Maydianne Andrade). This project will seek data on the experiences of Black trainees in STEMM in
Canada. If you are an undergraduate, graduate student or post-doc, please consider participating using this link.

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