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Funded by a public diplomacy grant from the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Canada and led by Professor Jennifer Adams (University of Calgary), this initiative fosters cross-border collaborations and sharing of promising practices for addressing racial equity in STEMM. Working group members will facilitate dialogues with panelists about ways to foster racial equity in the following key sectors: Leadership, Policy, Post-secondary education, and K-University Pathways.

The working groups are charged with (1) comparing and contrasting policy environments in the US and Canada, (2) conducting a scoping literature review of their area or theme, (3) elucidating what data and information are required, but not available in Canada, (4) synthesizing promising practices and policy recommendations, and (5) considering a timeline and milestones for achieving equity.

Working groups & Guiding questions:



  • Trevor Charles
  • Chinyere Eunice Nwafor-Okoli

Guiding Questions:

  • What are promising practices in leadership for the inclusion, retention and success of Black faculty and students in STEMM?
  • How do we support the successful advancement of Black faculty through the leadership pipeline?
  • How can we plan and support provincial, national and cross-border initiatives aimed at understanding and fostering the success of Black faculty and students in STEMM?
  • View details of the panel discussion at BE-STEMM 2023:


  • Karine Morin
  • Michelle McFarlane

Guiding Questions

  • In what ways can social sciences and educational research on race and education in STEMM support policy aimed at increasing Black students’ participation and flourishing?
  • In what ways could governmental funding agencies develop policies and structures to support equitable funding of Black scientists and projects that support equity in STEMM?
  • View details of the panel discussion at BE-STEMM 2023:


  • Anuli Ndubuisi
  • D’Andre Wilson-Ihejirika

Guiding Questions

  • What are curricular and pedagogical practices that create postsecondary STEMM learning environments that are inclusive of and value Black students’ experiences and worldviews?
  • What are existing programs and practices that support Black students in postsecondary STEMM?
  • In what ways could STEMM faculty develop and maintain cultures of equity and inclusivity in research/laboratory environments?
  • How can postsecondary institutions support inclusive and equitable STEMM teacher education?
  • View details of the panel discussion at BE-STEMM 2023
K-12 Pathways


  • Ti’Era Worsley
  • Haley Matthews

Guiding Questions

  • What is the landscape and what are promising practices for pathway programs for Black students in STEMM?
  • In what ways could postsecondary institutions support and collaborate with K-12 education and out-of-school programs to create meaningful and relevant STEMM pathways for Black students?
  • What programs exist at school, district and broader levels that support Black students’ STEMM educational success (including teacher professional development) ?
  • View details of the panel discussion at BE-STEMM 2023

Join us for a rich discussion on February 4, 2023 at the Leadership summit of the virtual national conference for Black Excellence in STEMM.

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