A key part of our mission is to increase the intake & retention of Black Youth in STEMM.

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Students: Develop a Project

Become a Mentor or a Judge

We have many student-scientists eager to participate in the science fair, pursuing answers to their burning questions. Please volunteer to provide them with the mentorship and assessment that will help them realize their goals! Mentors help students pursue their interests and offer advice.  Judges are trained in how to provide constructive assessment, another critical part of the process for developing student-scientists.
Become a Judge
Become a Mentor

Join the Science Fair Working Group

The 2024 Science Fair will be held at the University of Guelph (Ontario) and at Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) on April 6, 2024.  Elements will be coordinated online.  We are looking for volunteers to support in-person activities and online coordination.
Volunteer as an Organizer

Thanks to our partners & local hosts

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